Created By:  Scott Spivak
Created:  6/28/21


  1. Referral must own a home in Colorado and receive their electricity from a utility company that participates in the Colorado Solar Net Metering Program (most utility companies participate)
  2. Home must be in a Colorado region where we are licensed to install (we install in most areas of Colorado) 
  3. Home must be a single family detached or townhouse dwelling (apartments and most condominiums do not qualify)
  4. Home must have adequate roof area with solar exposure available to install our minimum system size without shading or obstructions and meet referral’s system size requirement to move forward
  5. Referral must have an adequate credit score to receive project funding or agree to a cash option
  6. Please contact us for details on what small businesses qualify for solar


  1. A $75 referral commission will be paid if referral and home meet the project qualifications and the referral and other decision makers sit for a solar design review
  2. An additional $125 referral commission will be paid if referral moves forward with a solar project with at least a 3kW system size
  3. Referral commission will be paid within two weeks after the solar design review is held and for projects that move forward, within two weeks after project is installed and has received permission to operate. By submitting the referral form you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms 

CONSENT: By submitting this form you agree that your personal information provided is accurate and that you have received consent from your referral(s) to share their name and contact information with Green Collar Crew. (note: we will never share/sell the information provided, and we will delete it immediately should your referral opt out of communications)