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We are a local building science company that works with you to provide money-saving solutions that make your home more healthy, comfortable, and efficient.

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Who Is Green Collar Crew?

At Green Collar Crew our mission is to provide innovative solar and home performance solutions to our clients. Based in Broomfield, Colorado, we specialize in using the sun’s energy to make your home more energy efficient, comfortable, and environmentally responsible. ​If you are interested in transitioning to solar energy, we begin with a brief Solar Evaluation, followed by a free, customized Solar Design Review. If you are interested in improving your home’s performance, we begin with a Home Performance Audit to identify problems and recommend practical solutions. We then work closely with you to develop a concrete Action Plan, make improvements, and perform final diagnostics and follow-up inspections. Please see our About page for more information about our company and team. 

Why Go Solar?

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, electricity costs can make up a large portion of your monthly expenses. Luckily, solar energy has the potential to substantially reduce your utility bills, even if it doesn’t produce 100% of the energy you ultimately consume each month. Thanks to a combination of federal tax credits, local incentives, and decreasing panel costs, going solar is now more affordable than ever!

Sustainability & Savings

Solar is simply the most affordable and sustainable energy source on the planet. Reduce both your monthly costs and your carbon footprint while protecting our fragile environment by going solar.

Become Energy Independent

Across the country, utility rates continue to rise at an alarming rate each year. With solar, you’re able to avoid the rising prices and enjoy a fixed monthly payment, while also producing your own energy.

Immediate Returns

Savings From Day One

Whether you decide to go solar or just explore home performance solutions, you will start seeing monthly savings as soon as the project is completed. Talk with us about how to lower your monthly bills and make your home more comfortable, healthy, and efficient.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We go above and beyond to provide the best solutions, experience, and workmanship for each and every one of our clients.

It Was A No-Brainer

“It was a no-brainer to work with Green Collar Crew because they saved me a lot of time, money, and worry by getting me the best price and always being available to answer questions or clarify about the progress of the project.”

– Deanna, Fountain CO

Absolutely Amazing

“Wow, so glad I read the reviews and went with Green Collar Crew!  Everything from start to finish was absolutely amazing. Even during the chaos with COVID, everything from the paperwork, incentives, timelines, communication, everything was great.”  

– Scott, Broomfield CO

Beyond Excited

“We are beyond excited about having solar panels installed on our home. Leticia, our site representative, was so friendly and professional. She was very patient while answering all of our questions, and quite knowledgeable.” 

– Sandra, Littleton CO

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